Decision-Making Advice from Champions of the Sports World

September 24, 2019

When the pressure is on, great coaches remain laser-focused, confident, and fully in charge of their roster. They’re the same way when it comes to developing strategies and game plans to succeed. They always win because they have a superior decision-making process.

Game-Time Decision Making provides everything you need to improve your decision-making game and build a championship-level business. It takes you step by step through the process of putting together an all-pro team with diverse skillsets, building a positive mindset that will overwhelm the competition, developing a keen awareness of “the playing field,” creating both offensive and defensive strategies for branding and marketing, and more.

Game-Time Decision Making is a proven playbook for positioning yourself for success. From creating and utilizing the best tactics and strategies to leading your company through times of change, this is your playbook for total business success.

Game-Time Decision Making will show you:

  • Why attracting the right people to your team depends on building yourself.
  • The importance of humility for making coaching a key part of the organization.
  • How to stay in the learning zone.
  • Offensive and defensive strategies for branding, marketing, and communication.
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