Change How You Think About Conflict

July 2, 2020

Where can you turn when your attempts to resolve conflict fail? Most approaches emphasize collaboration. You are supposed to sit down, calmly talk through your differences, and find a solution. But what if nothing seems to work, no matter what you do?

2020 Best Book

Optimal Outcomes reveals eight groundbreaking practices proven to help people everywhere free themselves from conflict. When situations resist resolution, the Optimal Outcomes Method teaches us conflict freedom. Dr. Goldman-Wetzler’s innovative method blends mindfulness, Jungian psychology, and practical, step-by-step advice to free anyone from seemingly impossible conflict.

You’ll learn to observe complex situations with clarity, access your shadow values, and take bold, simple, surprising action. Applying the practices, you’ll reach your Optimal Outcome—which may be vastly different from what you originally imagined but more satisfying than you ever dreamed possible.

In the Soundview Summary of Optimal Outcomes, you will learn:

  • The four habits that keep us stuck in the conflict loop and the eight practices that help us get out of it.
  • How to map out conflict and put your emotions to work for you.
  • How to imagine your Ideal Future and design a pattern-breaking path.
  • How to overcome hesitation and identify your Optimal Outcome.
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