Build Meaningful Business Connections

August 16, 2021

Networking is often considered a necessary evil for working professionals. With social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, reaching potential investors or employers is much easier. Yet, these connections often feel transactional, agenda-driven, and dehumanizing, leaving professionals feeling burnt out and stressed out.

2021 Best Book

Instead, we should connect on a human level and build authentic relationships beyond securing a new job or a new investor for your next big idea––this is especially key as people head back to the workplace after a year of isolation. In The Lost Art of Connecting, “serial connector” and communications expert Susan McPherson offers a simple, three-step methodology to help people go back to basics, tap into our humanity, and learn to be more intentional and authentic.

With helpful tips and useful advice on making the most of every step, The Lost Art of Connecting is the handbook we all need to foster personal and professional relationships that blur the lines between work and play––and enrich our lives in every way.

In the Soundview Summary of The Lost Art of Connecting, you will learn:

  • The one simple question that defines true connection.
  • Why you need to first connect with yourself to connect with others.
  • Communication strategies to help you practice relationalism.
  • To follow up in ways that deepen your business relationships.
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