Become the Great Manager that Every Team Deserves

January 23, 2020

If you’ve made the challenging but rewarding leap to first-time manager, you might not be sure what your next move is. What made you a successful employee won’t necessarily make you a great manager, and most people don’t receive formal leadership training until 12 years after their promotion into management.

2020 Best Book

FranklinCovey’s Everyone Deserves a Great Manager delivers the guidance you need when you’re promoted: the support, understanding, strategies, and tactics to develop as a leader and turn your people into an engaged, high-performing team. Based on nearly a decade of research, the six critical practices will give you a head start in building the competence and confidence you need to succeed as a first-time manager.

The FranklinCovey leadership experts not only teach you how to think like a leader; they also give you practical tools and actionable steps to implement on the job. Approachable and engaging, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager provides the blueprint for becoming a great manager.

Everyone Deserves a Great Manager will show you how to:

  • Develop a leader’s mindset.
  • Stop monitoring your people and, instead, coach and support them.
  • Use the FranklinCovey Change Model to steward your people through challenging organizational changes.
  • Manage your time and energy and coach your team to do the same.
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