August Spotlight: The Spoils of Leadership Success

August 28, 2020

Ethics in Leadership, Achieving a Success Mindset, Employee Engagement, and Investing in Your People … all topics featured in this month’s Spotlight.

Each month, Soundview summarizes many books that will help you strengthen your career skills. Our August summary selections all loosely revolve around the idea of how practicing and improving your leadership skills can make both your life and the lives of those around you better. Read these leadership summaries and experience professional success that others only dream about.

The Responsibility Ethic
12 Strategies Exceptional People Use to Do the Work and Make Success Happen

by Adam Kreek

In The Responsibility Ethic, Adam Kreek explores the key ways that a person can take responsibility in their life, in business, and in leadership. These 12 responsibility ethics span a range of areas, from taking responsibility for the fears and failures we all experience to mentorship, stress, leadership, and even safety. Readers will come away with a deeper understanding for how they can take greater responsibility for their lives and work.

In our Summary of The Responsibility Ethic, you will learn:

  • What it means to take responsibility and how “responsibility ethics” can change the way you see yourself and the world.
  • How healthy stress and a confident attitude towards failure can transform your life and career.
  • The importance of professionalism, communication, and mentoring in leadership.


You vs You
12 Ways to Kick Your Own Ass and Win

by Todd Cahill

In You vs You, author Todd Cahill highlights important battles that keep us from success. From his experience as a life and leadership coach, Todd explains how to isolate the specific battles we all face and then sheds light on how we can practically overcome them. Overcoming them doesn’t mean becoming invincible; it means having the wherewithal to kick our own ass when needed. You vs You shows you how to face these battles, and it allows you to make conscious choices not to let your battles defeat you.

In our Summary of You vs You, you will learn:

  • How to isolate the issues that hinder your success.
  • How redefining the battles provides motivation to win.
  • Why daily choices that may seem small, drive the outcome.
  • Your future success starts with today’s choices.


Lunch with Lucy
Maximize Profits by Investing in Your People

by Sherry Stewart Detuschmann

For company leaders, Lunch with Lucy describes how and why a company with an employee-first, empathetic leadership business model is not only a place where people are happy to work but also more profitable than it would have been otherwise. This book summary features numerous real-life examples from author Sherry Deutshmann that are clarifying and enlivening.

In our Summary of Lunch with Lucy, you will learn:

  • Why you should put your employees, not your customers, first.
  • How generosity to your employees results in greater profits.
  • The benefits of getting to know your employees.
  • Things to say “no” to.


The Engagement Ring
Practical Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees

by Lee Ann Pond

Employee engagement affects everything from the overall experience in your workplace to your organization’s bottom line. You have a major role to play in your employees’ engagement, but how can you increase that engagement in a powerful way? That’s where The Engagement Ring comes in. RING stands for Relationships, Included, Needed, and Growing— and it’s the foundation for Lee Ann Pond’s transformative approach to leadership and increased employee engagement.

In our Summary of The Engagement Ring, you will learn:

  • How to build strong relationships between employees and their teammates/leaders.
  • How to help employees feel they belong and are always in the loop.
  • How to imbue employees with a sense of purpose and pride in the mission of your organization.
  • How to help employees feel they can grow personally and professionally in their role.


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