Adopt the Right Sales Mindset

September 10, 2018

Your new role in working with today’s well-educated customers is as a “business improvement specialist,” according to author Jill Konrath in Snap Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers. There are distinct decisions your prospects make before they sign a contract with you. First, they evaluate your approach to determine if it’s worth their time to meet with you. With the second decision, they determine if making the change will be worth the disruption it will cause. And finally, with the third decision, their primary concern is selecting the best option for their company.

Konrath suggests that there are four factors that need to be at the forefront of your mind when working with crazy-busy people. These are the SNAP Factors:

  • Simple. Your ability to eliminate complexity and effort from your prospects’ decision-making process will improve your chances for sales success.
  • iNvaluable. In a world of copycat products and services, the value you, personally, bring to the relationship becomes essential.
  • Aligned. You must stay relevant to your clients at all times; they don’t have time for anything else.
  • Priority. With an ever-changing business environment, you can’t afford to have your prospects deem your services non-urgent.

Once you know your buyer inside and out, you can easily start applying what you’ve learned to create customer-enticing value propositions, messages, presentations and proposals. Plus, this knowledge of your customer will be at the heart of all your best, most fruitful conversations.

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