A Former Amazon Exec on Money, Information, Loyalty, and Time

October 17, 2019

Our brave new tech world is causing many people to feel confused and afraid of falling behind. The pace of the new techonomy is accelerating faster every year. Brand Currency describes how Amazon has come to dominate the new techonomy and what lessons can be learned for other companies.

Former Amazon creative executive Steve Susi explains how a brand is a story. Every customer writes the story of a brand at every interaction with the brand. He describes how customer obsession is Amazon’s key to success.

He also examines how money, information, loyalty, and time are human truths. Each one is examined in depth, and considered as to how the customer earns and spends them and how brands do the same. Any brand can use these techniques to find continued success. If you believe your objective is right by the customer, have the data to back it up, and never waiver, success is all but guaranteed.

Read our summary of Brand Currency and discover:

  • The keys to Amazon’s success.
  • How your customers earn and spend their currencies.
  • How to best earn and spend your company’s currencies.
  • How loyalty can multiply the effects of the other currencies.
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