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    The Engagement Ring

    The Engagement Ring

    The Engagement Ring

    Practical Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees

    by Lee Ann Pond

    Employee engagement affects everything from the overall experience in your workplace to your organization's bottom line. You have a major role to play in your employees’ engagement, but how can you increase that engagement in a powerful way? That's where The Engagement Ring comes in. RING stands for Relationships, Included, Needed, and Growing - and it’s the foundation for Lee Ann Pond’s transformative approach to leadership and increased employee engagement.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • How to build strong relationships between employees and their teammates & leaders.
    • How to help employees feel they belong and are always in the loop.
    • How to imbue employees with a sense of purpose and pride in the mission of your organization.
    • How to help employees feel they can grow personally and professionally in their role.
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