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    Purple Cow

    Purple Cow

    Purple Cow

    Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

    by Seth Godin

    Jingles, slogans and pretty ads aren’t good enough. Marketing guru and best-selling author Godin shows how you need to seek out the exceptional and the remarkable to get your brand or product noticed in today’s cluttered markets.

    What You'll Learn

    • What makes a product or service worth mentioning.
    • How to build things into your product or service that are worth noticing.
    • How companies can win when they value the attention of their prospective customers.
    • Why individuals and businesses have stopped paying attention to newspaper and television advertising.
    • Why it is important to find and seduce "sneezers" - people who launch and spread an "ideavirus" by telling their colleagues and friends about a new product or service that they're knowledgeable about.
    • Why boring is almost always the most risky strategy.
    • How to milk your Purple Cow for everything it is worth by figuring out how to extend its lifespan and profit from it for as long as possible.
    • What to do when the benefits of your Purple Cow start to wane.
    • What you should do when nothing else is working.

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