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    Free Prize Inside!

    Free Prize Inside!

    Free Prize Inside!

    The Next Big Marketing Idea

    by Seth Godin

    A free prize is a game-changing soft innovation; a cool twist that doesn’t cost a fortune but transforms the way people think about your product or service. In Free Prize Inside!, marketing guru Seth Godin encourages readers to take on the challenge of doing the essential task of creating innovation. Godin explains that one cannot create innovation by building an organization that is automatically and effortlessly innovative. Instead, companies must develop innovation by creating a desire among individuals to do the difficult work that makes innovation happen.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to avoid marketing overload. People are inundated with so many messages in their day-to-day lives, it has become easy for them to tune out your advertisements. Having the money for big ad campaigns does not mean you are going to reach the people you want to reach.
    • How to turn your soft innovations into free prizes - the little extras people want to buy without telling you they want to buy them.
    • How to turn your free prizes into Purple Cows - the products or services that people want to make remarks about.
    • How to calculate the value of a free prize by using the Godin Curve, which plots the costs of development, the gains of revenue and the spot in between where a different kind of innovation lives.
    • How to be a champion for your projects, guiding them around the obstacles in your organization that might hold back soft innovations.
    • How to find a free prize that will make your product or service remarkable, then going all the way to the edge of customer needs and perceptions to create maximum growth for your company.

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