Richard Grbavac

Since joining Cerebyte in 2002, Rick Grbavac has worked with a wide variety of clients including Sears, Advance Auto Parts and Maurice’s in the retailing sector, Strategic Financial and QLKey in the financial sector and other best practice implementations including product development, IT project management, construction, manufacturing and medical. He comes from a background in sales, marketing and organizational development where he was involved in managing sales groups, and re-engineering corporate structure and culture at industry-leading organizations such as Jantzen and VF Corporation. He was also a senior partner in the business development firm of Cason, Grbavac & Murphy.

Rick’s background in developing marketing planning systems prepared him to quickly understand the power of Cerebyte’s technology. Dedicated to helping clients dramatically improve their operations, Rick has become a trusted advisor and partner in spreading best practices and positive deviant wisdom to our client base.

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