Charles Brennan

High-Energy Sales Concepts: A high-energy confidence builder, Charles Brennan inspires audiences to set aside old habits and to recognize objections as opportunities. Author of the best-selling Sales Questions That Close The Sale and Proactive Customer Service, Brennan helps sales professionals learn to listen more effectively and to ask the questions that identify a customer’s key issues. Based on extensive and ongoing research, he is able to provide innovative and cutting edge concepts to help solve any sales challenge, in his humorous and engaging presentations.

Customized Content: Customized to the client’s particular needs and industry, each of Brennan’s presentations is designed with real-life scenarios and contains interactive exercises that get results. Whether it’s learning to ask the right question of your customers, showing you how to really listen to what your customers say they want, and transforming objections into sales opportunities, Brennan can reignite your sales force and transform your bottom line.

Tested Sales Experience: A nationally-recognized authority on developing client relationships and listening skills with a master’s degree in training and development, Brennan has helped nearly one million professionals and has appeared in leading publications across the country. Brennan is president of Brennan Sales Institute, a professional sales and customer service training organization, and his breakthrough concepts are the primary training format for many Fortune 500 companies.