Anthony D. Williams

Anthony D. Williams is an author and avid researcher with over a decade of experience examining the impact of new technologies on social and economic life. His work has been featured in Business 2.0 and Optimize magazine and widely circulated in syndicated research programs. Anthony is Vice President and Executive Editor at New Paradigm where he is responsible for ensuring high standards of quality, innovation, effective communication, and client value. He has authored numerous influential reports on innovation and intellectual property for New Paradigm, most recently for a $5 million multi-client investigation on IT and competitive advantage.

Anthony was previously a leader in Digital 4Sight’s multi-client research business. He led a multi-million dollar effort to understand how transparency is revolutionizing business and helped charter a new course for digital governance for a global consortium of twenty top-level government agencies. Anthony holds a Masters in Research from the London School of Economics and is a PhD candidate in the Department of Government.