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  • Courage Is the Ability to Take on Fear

    An important takeaway from this Edge is that you can’t plan to be courageous, but you can choose it. Courage can be learned. People with courage can summon it from within to act in situations of stress, conflict, or ambiguity. Courage can make the difference between talk and action. Courage has nothing to do with […]

  • It’s Time to Find Your Inner Courage

    Fear gets in the way of our loftier goals by undermining our spontaneity, our ability to try new things and our motivation to challenge ourselves. But in order to fulfill our professional potential –– and to gain the satisfaction of getting there –– we must summon the courage to battle our fears. This Executive Edge […]

  • Confront Adversity and Learn From It

    Adversity is inevitable, but if you can face it head-on and vow to learn from it, you will emerge a stronger person. This is the focus of this Executive Edge. Consider turning adversity to your advantage. Stay focused on the goal that needs to be accomplished. Face adversity with a positive frame of mind. Ignore […]

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