Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley, Harvard, MBA. Successful entrepreneur, consultant and award-winning author.

Richard C. Whiteley is the Principal of The Whiteley Group, an international speaking and consulting firm. Most recently, Richard held the position of Vice Chairman of The Forum Corporation, an industry-leading, 700 man-strong, global training and consulting firm.

Richard’s award-winning best seller, The Customer-Driven Company, was named one of the top four business books of 1991 by Fortune Magazine. Customer-Centered Growth, 1996, was selected as a Business Week best-seller, and named one of the top five business books by Selling Magazine. Whiteley’s third book Love the Work You’re With: A Practical Guide to Creating Greater Joy and Productivity in your Job hit the shelves in December 2000.

Richard has appeared on national and local television and radio, was featured in Flightline, an American Airlines publication, and is a frequent commentator in the business press. He was formerly a columnist for Sales and Marketing Magazine, and has created two video programs, Customer-Driven Quality with Fortune Magazine, and Solving the Leadership Puzzle, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs professional football team.