Gus Anagnos

Gus Anagnos is Vice President of Comprehensive Crisis management (CCM). He is an active researcher
in the field of crisis management and is responsible for business development at CCM.

In addition to his work in crisis management, Gus Anagnos has over fifteen years of experience
in the private sector.

He served a four-year term as CFO for Future Estates, Inc. (a southern California real estate developer)
and founded 2wins Drive-Thru, a successful fast-food business located in Southern California. He is
currently on the advisory board of 2wins and directly responsible for business expansion and development.
Gus Anagnos consults to organizations seeking financial advice, organization systems design, and negotiation
expertise. He is an active researcher in service quality management. His consulting experience includes
service quality management applied specifically to the fast-food industry.

He is a member of various industry associations, including: Society for Human Resource
Management, American Society for Industrial Security, International Facility Management
Association, Business and Industry Council of Emergency Planning and Preparedness, and
Association of Contingency Planners.

Gus Anagnos is a frequent speaker at national conferences and conventions. He earned his B. S. in finance and economics and his M.B.A. from the University of Southern California. He lives in Hermosa Beach, California.