Drake Baer

Drake Baer is a journalist living in Brooklyn. He covers the way people work and finds that the subject is endless. Drake is a staff writer for Business Insider and one of the most-trafficked authors on its web site. He covers many aspects work culture: the oft-overlapping topics of productivity, organizational psychology, career planning, management, and leadership. Previously he wrote for Fast Company.

As part of those reporting efforts, Drake has been privileged to interview some of the finest entrepreneurial minds currently working, including Phil Libin of Evernote, Adam Pisoni of Yammer, Mike McCue of Flipboard, Gentry Underwood of Mailbox, Omer Perchik of Any.DO, Alexa von Tobel of LearnVest, Nihal Mehta of LocalResponse, and Hilary Mason of Bitly. As well, he has interviewed a range of thought leaders, including Clay Christensen, Nassim Taleb, Eric Ries, Tim Ferriss, and Bob Pozen.