About Us

Founded in 1978, Soundview pioneered the concept of distilling the key points and ideas of full-length business books into easy-to-read 4- to 8-page text and 20-minute audio summaries, helping our users maximize their time and business intelligence. We have continued to enhance our summaries with interactive author webinars, and a growing library of video tips. We also have a comprehensive multi-media library for integration into corporate training and online education programs. Soundview's subscribers worldwide include CEOs, government leaders, entrepreneurs, business consultants, academics, and students.

Soundview's Products:

  • Summaries of the best new business books of the year. All summaries are available in text and audio.
  • Soundview Live™ Webinars with top authors like John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, Stephen M.R. Covey, Daniel Pink, Patrick Lencioni, Marshall Goldsmith, and more.
  • The Edge - a professional development newsletter to enhance your current business skills and learn new ones.
  • BEST IDEA™ Videos - 2-minute videos that focus on the “best ideas” from today’s best-selling business books.
  • Pinpoints® Videos - key takeaways from top business webinars.
  • SmartTips® Videos - eliminate Internet scavenger hunts with concise, five-minute video clips that teach you everything from business basics to specific skill sets.

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