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Wharton logo Discover the wellspring of powerful, actionable strategies for business: Wharton School Publishing. We draw on an extraordinary global community of executives and thought leaders with editorial review by Wharton faculty and enterprise leaders to provide a wealth of insight. For those who need to know, we package our content in many ways which accelerate understanding and maximize impact for life: books, audio, video, CDs, and electronic tools.

Wherever you are, whatever your business, Wharton School Publishing delivers the insights that make a difference... and the tools that transform knowledge into success.

Wharton Thought Leadership Books

Powerful insights and practical solutions for the most urgent challenges faced by today’s executives, functional and cross-functional leaders, and process leaders.

  • By globally respected authors and the next generation of business thought leaders
  • Includes important bonus content, e.g., electronic book summaries that accelerate understanding and author interviews that provide deeper context

Wharton Executive Tools

Premium content, analytical tools, resources, and services that leverage the expertise of the global Wharton community to support your most urgent business initiatives.

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