The Importance of Legal Literacy to Your Business

“In a monumental verdict, a jury recently awarded Apple $1.05 billion dollars in damages, determining that Samsung copied the technology used on the iPhone and iPad. Christian Louboutin did not make out as well in its case against Yves St. Laurent. Despite having applied for a trademark for their brand-defining red-soled shoes, the court found that Louboutin could not impede the creativity of other designers and granted Yves St. Laurent the right to copy the well-known fashion statement. From smart phones to high heels, song lyrics to Spider-Man, possessing copyrights, patents and trademarks is the first line of self-defense, as well as highly lucrative.” Alexandre Montagu

Does your company have trademarked or copyrighted products, or are you using designs or technologies that may overlap those of other companies? Then intellectual property is a topic that you ignore at your own risk.

In Montagu’s new book, Intellectual Property, he looks at the dangers and opportunities inherent in this complex arena. Among the major areas that he investigates are:

  • Protecting your brand online – this includes domain name strategy, cybersquatting, fraud and impersonation online.
  • Online copyright infringement – this includes areas like piracy, peer-to-peer sharing and policing piracy online.
  • Indentifying, protecting and monetizing your intellectual property, especially in the industries of fashion, art, music and entertainment.
  • The next step in national security – this involves the well-publicized topic of cyber warfare and cyber attacks on corporations.

In our next Soundview Live webinar, Money and Power in a New Era, Alexandre Montagu will explore the pitfalls of being caught unaware of Intellectual Property law. “Whether it’s the trade secrets of a hedge fund’s algorithms, the copyrights or patents underlying the smart phone, the trademarks that protect well-known brands, intellectual property bastes the modern economy,” he says. Through fascinating anecdotes and compelling court cases, Montagu brings home just how important legal literacy can be for your business.

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