The 30 Best Business Books of 2013

With the publication of our December edition, Soundview is pleased to announce the complete list of the 30 best business books of 2013.

This proved to be an interesting year for business books. In a year during which world governments struggled with economic pressures and internal breakdowns, a clear lack of communication has been routinely cited as a major symptom of global problems.

This was reflected in the business books that rose to the top of many people’s reading lists, as well as Soundview’s 30 best business books. Depending on one’s interpretation, there are at least six titles on the list below that deal directly or indirectly with communication. In an era in which communication occurs in an instant, executives should take more than a moment to read and learn from the summaries below.

Well Said by Darlene Price

The Pause Principle by Kevin Cashman

Change-Friendly Leadership by Rodger Dean Duncan

Extreme Productivity by Robert C. Pozen

Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream by Steve Van Remortel

How to Be Exceptional by John H. Zenger, Joseph R. Folkman, Robert H. Sherwin, Jr., and Barbara A. Steel

Care to Dare by George Kohlrieser, Susan Goldsworthy and Duncan Coombe

The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

Beating the Global Odds by Paul A. Laudicina

Real Influence by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen

You Can’t Lie to Me by Janine Driver

Idea Agent by Lina M. Echeverria

The Art of Explanation by Lee LeFever

How to Say Anything to Anyone by Shari Harley

Changeology by John C. Norcross

Can’t Buy Me Like by Bob Garfield and Doug Levy

No More Pointless Meetings by Martin Murphy

Leadership and the Art of Struggle by Steven Snyder

Finding the Next Steve Jobs by Nolan Bushnell and Gene Stone

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Change with Confidence by Phil Buckley

The Inclusion Dividend by Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan

The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace by Cy Wakeman

Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication by James E. Lukaszewski

Tipping Sacred Cows by Jake Breeden

Relationship Economics by David Nour

ENGAGED! by Gregg Lederman

The Fearless Front Line by Ray Attiyah

What Keeps Leaders Up at Night by Nicole Lipkin

Talent Economics by Gyan Nagpal

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