Proactive HR Solutions for Today’s New Talent Issues

June 29, 2022

The next installment of the Problem/Solution Podcast features Soundview executive producer Ursula A. Sharp interviewing authors, speakers, and business owners Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem.

Barbara and Cornelia are the authors of the recently-released The Big Book of HR – 10th Anniversary Edition, an updated version of the original book’s release in 2012.

In this episode, they discuss how the future of the workplace is continuing to change. Leaders are now faced with managing hybrid and remote workers, retaining employees, and creating long term strategies for developing cultures of inclusion. In their discussion, Gamlem and Mitchell offer authentic insights into current and future solutions for organizations that are grappling with HR challenges. Much of the information is derived from the release of the 10th Anniversary Edtion of their best-selling book, The Big Book of HR – which offers up-to-date guidance in all aspects of human resources.