Learning from Other’s Mistakes

Truth-be-told, entrepreneurs simply do NOT like to be told what to do. Learning from the mistakes of others however, takes the ego out of the equation so entrepreneurs can learn objectively, while still allowing them to enjoy the freedom of their own experience.

MJ Gottlieb’s How To Ruin A Business Without Really Trying takes a new and exciting approach to help entrepreneurs by telling them what “not” to do. The book uses fifty-five painstaking, yet hysterical tales throughout MJ Gottlieb’s 21-year journey as an entrepreneur to highlight some of the most prevalent and destructive mistakes entrepreneurs make when running a business today.

Gottlieb’s Top 9 Most Infamous Screw-Ups
1. Never ever ever spend what you do not have
2. Never ever ever sign personal guarantees
3. Never ever ever make a decision while in a negative emotional state
4. Never ever ever make a decision while in a positive emotional state
5. Never ever ever make a decision while your ego is involved
6. Never ever hire a friend as your attorney
7. Never ever over-promise and under-deliver
8. Never ever teach the market at your own expense
9. Never ever have anyone work for you for free

If you would like to hear the stories of these screw-ups – and the lessons learned – directly from MJ Gottlieb, then we invite you to join us on March 26th for our Soundview Live webinar The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make. It will be both entertaining and insightful.

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