Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers

The Decoded CompanyAmazon delights customers with recommendations that are spot on. Google amazes us by generating answers before we’ve even finished asking a question. These companies know who we are and what we want. The key to their magic is Big Data. Personalizing the consumer experience with the collection and analysis of consumer data is widely recognized as one of the biggest business opportunities of the 21st century. But there is a flip side to this that has largely been missed. What if we were able to use data about employees to personalize and customize their experience –– to increase their engagement, help them learn faster on the job and figure out which teams they should be on?

In The Decoded Company, the authors outline the six principles they’ve used to decode work and unlock the maximum potential of their talent, and share success stories from other organizations that have embraced this approach. The Decoded Company is an actionable blueprint for any company that wants the best from its people and isn’t afraid of radical approaches to get it.

• To personalize processes to the individual based on experience and offering training interventions precisely at the teachable moment.
• To codify organizational battle scars using actual code that watches your blind spots and gives your people a decision-making superpower.
• To prevail over hierarchies, reducing bureaucracy, increasing transparency and being wildly inspiring to teams.


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