Innovation and Investment

If you’re analyzing companies to invest in, certainly one item you’ll want to take into consideration is their strategy for innovation. Next week’s Soundview Live webinars have got you covered on both the investment and innovation fronts.

How to Make Smart Investment Decisions with Laura Rittenhouse

In this Soundview Live webinar Laura Rittenhouse introduces a revolutionary method for evaluating the financial integrity of a company. You don’t need special access to “insider” information or a degree in accounting to figure it out. In fact, the secret is right in front of you—in black and white—in the words of every shareholder letter, annual report, and corporate correspondence you receive. Rittenhouse lays out her time-tested approach for recognizing at-risk businesses before trouble hits. This is the same method she used to predict the collapse of Enron and the fall of Lehman.

Igniting Innovation with F.I.R.E. Methods with Dan Ward

In this Soundview Live webinar noted military technology expert Dan Ward delivers his manifesto for creating great products and projects using the methods of rapid innovation.

During nearly two decades as an engineering officer in the U. S. Air Force, with tours of duty at military research laboratories, the Air Force Institute of Technology, an intelligence agency, the Pentagon and Afghanistan, Dan Ward observed patterns revealing that the most successful project leaders in both the public and private sectors delivered top-shelf products with a skeleton crew, a shoestring budget, and a cannonball schedule. Excessive investment of time, money, or complexity actually reduced innovation. He concluded the secret to innovation is to be fast, inexpensive, simple, and small.

If either, or both, of these webinars pique your interest, then please register and join us for the lively discussion on these two important topics. Remember that Soundview subscribers attend for free and if you’re not currently a subscriber, you can recoup your full subscription fee with just these two events.

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