How to Hold Others Accountable

Many of you are probably familiar with a book by the people at Vital Smarts called Crucial Confrontations. It has been a best seller for several years with over a million copies sold. This year Joseph Grenny and his colleagues reworked this book, adding over 40% new material from recent research, and renaming the book Crucial Accountability to better reflect its focus.

A few years ago we hosted a series of video seminars with Vital Smarts on their series of books including Crucial Confrontations, and so we invited them back to update us on what they’ve learned over the years in this crucial area of accountability.

Top performers are gifted at holding others accountable. They know how to diagnose the underlying causes behind broken promises, violated expectations, and bad behavior. In this Soundview Media Group video webinar, How to Hold Others Accountable, participants will learn from co-author Joseph Grenny the high-leverage skill set that lies at the heart of problem solving and execution.

Here are the key take-aways on accountability you will learn at this video seminar:

  • Diagnose the Underlying Cause. Identify the underlying cause behind every problem using a six-source model of possible influences.
  • Make It Motivating. Motivate others without resorting to threats or power and instead, search for and explain natural consequences of noncompliance.
  • Make It Easy. Involve others in coming up with a solution to their ability barriers.
  • Stay Focused and Flexible. Skillfully attend to the problem of choice rather than getting sidetracked.

Please join us on October 30th for this special video seminar. Unlike our regular Soundview Live webinars, this video seminar will provide a live video feed with Dr. Grenny and both slides and video support to demonstrate his points. Subscribers will receive a special 30% discount for this video seminar just by logging in before they register, and all registrants will receive a free copy of the Crucial Accountability e-book.

Hope to see you there!

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