How to Have an Impact

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to influence others to take up your passion? Do you want to have a positive effect on the people in your business, family and community?

Read what Chris Brogan and Julien Smith say about this desire to have an impact:

“We want you to think about how your tribe can come from anywhere. We want you to think about how to leave an impression on those who matter and help them gather around you. We want their passion and yours to come together so that you can leave your mark in the world. In short, we want you to have impact.”

In The Impact Equation, Brogan and Smith define the challenge as this “…what’s needed to be seen is a strong idea moved across a well-built platform and into the hands of relationships you’ve built and maintained.” So they came up with a formula to explain how to have impact.

Impact = C X (R + E + A + T + E)

(C) Contrast – When an idea hits a person, it has to feel like something similar to an idea he or she has already experienced, yet it has to be different enough to get noticed.

(R) Reach – The higher the number of people you can connect with, the more influential your idea can become.

(E) Exposure – If Reach is all about how many you connect with, Exposure is all about how often you connect to them.

(A) Articulation – high Articulation means an idea is like a sword, cutting through the fog of the brain and hitting you in exactly the right place to make you understand it.

(T) Trust – Trust is a clear factor in impact, but why do we trust someone? You need to know why and we’ll show you.

(E) Echo – Echo is all about the feeling of connection you give your reader, visitor or participant.

Obviously, there’s more to the formula then what I’ve described here. If you would like to have a greater impact around your passion, then please join us on February 20th to have a conversation with Chris and Julien.

This Soundview Live webinar is titled The Five Key Principles to Having an Impact and it’s FREE for all attendees. The authors will provide examples from their own lives and others to put some meat on the bones of this formula, and you can ask your questions along the way.

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