Engaged Employees Means Happy Customers

“The level to which your workforce is ENGAGED also has a significant impact every day on employees’ happiness and productivity, the customer experience, and your company’s profitability.”        Gregg Lederman

In his book ENGAGED!, Lederman provides Eight Principles that every manager needs to create a workforce that “lives the company brand” in ways that leads to an experience that helps you create customers for life. Here is what he promises if you follow the eight principles:

  • Get all employees “on stage” to deliver a more consistent customer experience.
  • Increase employees’ happiness so they make your customers happier.
  • Go beyond announcing your culture to getting every employee consistently living it.
  • Quantify your culture and customer experience to create unheard of visibility that gets everyone focused on results.
  • Create an environment of appreciation that empowers employees and helps them to become more motivated and committed to your company’s success.
  • Fill every manager’s toolbox with practical and proven techniques for making your company’s values and desired customer experience a part of the conversation … every day!

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to empower your employees, then join Gregg Lederman and our Soundview Live team on August 22nd for our live webinar The 8 Principles of Employee Engaged. Lederman will provide you with the tools you need to fully engage your workforce.

And to prepare for this interactive event, you can calculate your company’s ENGAGED Index in advance at www.engagedindex.com.

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