Emotions in the Workplace

We’ve all heard the news stories about the employee or former employee who, in a fit of anger, shoots up the workplace, killing or wounding those they used to work with. While this is not a common occurrence, the damage caused by emotions in the workplace is. The tensions and dysfunction directly affect the bottom line of the company.

Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell cautions C-Suite Executives and Line Managers that ignoring the impact of employee emotions in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Dr. Mitchell’s important work in the rising field of Emotional Continuity Management (ECM) clearly outlines how emotionally-charged situations, when mismanaged or unaddressed, can have a calculable, direct impact on the fiscal bottom line. She also offers clear steps for a company to take to train all employees for dealing with emotions in an appropriate and effective way.

We have invited Dr. Mitchell to join our Soundview Live webinar on December 3rd to provide guidance in dealing with the inevitable emotions that occur when people work in close quarters over an extended period of time. If you would like to avoid this kind of disaster in your workplace, then please join us for this important event.

As always, Soundview subscribers attend for free, and for all others the cost is just $49 for a full hour of analysis and advice on this important topic. Please register today for The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace.

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