Creating Cohesive Work Cultures in Our New Hybrid World

June 24, 2022

Let’s go behind-the-scenes and access more groundbreaking ideas from the best minds in business. Our Problem/Solution Podcast features Soundview executive producer Ursula A. Sharp interviewing authors and thought leaders to discuss insightful solutions to the business problems that are affecting us all today.

This next episode features author and workplace culture expert, Gustavo Razzetti.

Gustavo is the author of the recently-released Remote Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace and 2017’s Stretch for Change: How to Improve Your Change Fitness and Thrive in Life.

In this episode, he discusses why building a company culture is everyone’s responsibility. Razzetti provides 5 reasons on how hybrid work cultures can be successful and outlines the traps that prevent organizations from having a successful workforce – whether in a remote, hybrid, or in-office environment. In addition, you’ll discover how to combat employee apathy and address blind spots that prevent cohesive work cultures.