Building Your Brand to See Sales Soar

Next week we’re offering you an opportunity to develop both your personal brand and your sales skills. We’re hosting two excellent webinars and it’s my guess that one plays well into the other. Before you can really be at the top of your game in sales, you need to know who you are, what is really meaningful to you and is your point of motivation. By developing your personal brand, you are then better prepared to pursue your job, whether it’s in sales or not.

Building Brand [You] with Cyndee Woolley

Your brand is a summary of every customer’s experience with you, and his or her emotional reaction to that experience. This is true of a person as well as a company.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Building Brand [You], Cyndee Woolley will help you set the direction in your life by establishing goals and priorities that are meaningful to you. You will live as the person you want to be and express that [You] authentically, intentionally, consistently, confidently, in every way possible.

The Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers with Dave & Marhnelle Hibbard

It’s time to stop wasting valuable time using the by-the-numbers-plus-luck method–a grueling process that causes attrition and unethical dialing. In this Soundview Live webinar, The Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers, David & Marhnelle Hibbard will present SOAR Selling, a solution to this critical problem by revealing a proven way for any salesperson to make fewer calls, reach more decision makers, and, most important, get more appointments.

The authors have tested the SOAR (Surge of Accelerating Revenue) Selling formula on thousands of live sales calls throughout key global markets. The results are staggering. According to the authors’ client research, SOAR is astonishingly effective.

Just a reminder – even if you don’t have time to attend both events next week, register for them anyway. You’ll receive an email after each event which will include a link to the replay. Then you can listen at your convenience.

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