Book Review: The Inclusion Dividend

by Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan
by Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan

The Inclusion Dividend by consultants Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan does an admirable job of addressing the continuing need for the business environment to live up to its goal of a meritocratic performance system. Every business continues to work to do its part to make diversity and inclusion a reality. What Kaplan and Donovan reveal in both their book and the work of their company The Dagoba Group is the importance of these efforts to the business. As they put it, inclusion is  “essential for maximizing the ability of an organization to meet its mission.” The Inclusion Dividend is now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary.

Kaplan and Donovan’s book isn’t a retread of traditional hiring strategies to create a more diverse company. The Inclusion Dividend sails past its competitors into uncharted territory by providing methods that results in stronger client relationships and a better working environment. Whether it’s a workplace model for inclusion that parallels the sales process or addressing change at the individual, group, organizational and marketplace levels, The Inclusion Dividend provides comprehensive guidance to help your organization change its approach to inclusion.

Executives likely have their own impressions of their companies’ culture of diversity and inclusion. However, Kaplan and Donovan write about unconscious and unintentional bias in a way that will surprise even those readers who feel quite secure in their companies’ efforts.

In some respects, this level of discovery serves as a theme for the entire book. Diversity is a subject about which many executives feel their organization has a good grip. The Inclusion Dividend will offer a number of surprises and can change even a seasoned leader’s perspective.

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