Book Giveaway: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Book Giveaway – Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: The Imperative of Teams

Around 90 percent of what organizations do is accomplished through collaborative effort. Indeed, teamwork is a quintessential and critical element of organizational life. However, some organizations do not seem to grasp that concept. They pay close attention to other organizational functions—for example, technology and human resources—but fail to develop a comprehensive strategy for effective teamwork.

About 40 percent of teams are dysfunctional.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: The Imperative of Teams describes an approach to teamwork that, if implemented across the organization, can deliver up to a 20 percent improvement in effectiveness.

Simon Mac Rory, a specialist in team development who for more than twenty years has worked with senior staff leaders to help them discover how to have a truly high-performing team, wrote this book for team members, team leaders, and organizations. It puts the imperative of teams in context; discusses the characteristics, strengths, and challenges of the basic team types; and teaches leaders and team members alike how to have effective teams.


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