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Mention the word target, and several visuals may come to mind. In business, a target may be a number on a spreadsheet or a highly desired customer. For others, sports goals come to mind — think touchdown or hole-in-one. When presented with a target, people have an irrepressible desire to take aim and attempt to hit it!

A relevant guide to our modern times.

Author Jérôme Chouchan, a successful French businessman living in Japan, aims for success. As a master of Kyudo, he utilizes a bow and arrow. In Target: Business Wisdom from the Ancient Japanese Martial Art of Kyudo, he applies lessons learned from Kyudo to modern business. Kyudo, a traditional martial art governed by strict rules, has as its core purpose: self-development and a pursuit of the perfection of the human being. Business may focus on the brutal chase for profits, but Chouchan, through his practice of Kyudo, moves us deeper.

Target shows that business can be successful from a conventional standard of metrics, as well as spiritually meaningful when it is practiced with a mindset that has a deeper aim than solely sales and profit. In this modern age, where there is a pressing need for meaning and fulfillment in the workplace, let Target challenge you to a different path.


Sorry – but this giveaway has concluded.

Congratulations go out to James from South Dakota– he will be receiving his complimentary copy of TARGET: BUSINESS WISDOM FROM THE ANCIENT JAPANESE MARTIAL ART OF KYUDO soon.


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