Are You IN?

On Thursday, November 6, Return Path is presenting the 2008 IN—E-mail Reputation Conference  at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The day is packed with sessions ranging from “5 Reasons Why Your Email Won’t Get Delivered” to “What ISPs Really Think About Your E-mail” and “Leveraging Your Reputation to Make Profits Soar.” It looks as if most of the sessions are presented by someone from Return Path, but a number of them include panelists from other companies (e.g., Proctor & Gamble, Comcast and comScore).


Aside from the sessions, there will be a “Breakfast of Champions,” two scheduled coffee breaks, a working lunch,  and a happy hour and museum power tour where cocktails and refreshments will be served as attendees network with their peers and take a private tour of the Museum of Natural History. That’s quite a lot fit into one day!


But don’t let me forget the keynote presentation: “No Free Stamps Here!” presented by marketing guru, Seth Godin. From the conference agenda: “Fine tuning the art of permission and relevancy to build personal connections with your customers is paramount to business success….Godin challenges and provokes you to think about your marketing practices differently enabling you to bridge the gap between your customers’ needs and wants so you can readily respond to change and build stronger relationships that resonate with your customers for the long run.”


This sounds like a valuable 1-day conference to attend if you feel e-mail is important to your company’s bottom line—whose isn’t? If you go to the Web site , it instructs you to “request an invitation” so that you can receive a special discounted rate. Remember to mark this on your calendars!

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