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    • Image of CRAVE
      Image of CRAVE

      You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday

      by Gregg Lederman

      Discover a field-tested and science-backed pathway to improving engagement and the customer experience –– and you’ll be able to offer more of what people crave!

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    • Image of The Critical Few
      Image of The Critical Few

      Energize Your Company’s Culture by Choosing What Really Matters

      by Jon R. Katzenbach, Gretchen Anderson, James Thomas

      The Critical Few lays out the Katzenbach Center's proven methodology for identifying your culture's four most critical elements: traits, keystone behaviors, authentic informal leaders, and metrics.

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    • Image of Results Without Authority
      Image of Results Without Authority

      Controlling a Project When the Team Doesn’t Report to You

      by Tom Kendrick

      Tom Kendrick includes information on Agile methods and evolving project management tools, and strategies for working with virtual teams.

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    • Image of No More Excuses
      Image of No More Excuses

      The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth

      by Sam Silverstein

      No More Excuses identifies the five accountabilities of successful people and organizations.

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    • Image of Maximizing Your Professional Value
      Image of Maximizing Your Professional Value

      This multi-media skillset provides the key resources needed to increase your business skills and value to current and future employers. With summaries of self-development books, a webinar with sales expert Jeff Thull, and an interview with a director of human resources, you’ll gain insights and takeaways to make yourself more valuable.

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    • Image of Making Big Decisions Better
      Image of Making Big Decisions Better

      How to Set and Simplify Business Strategy

      by Tim Lewko

      Best-selling author Tim Lewko offers a field-tested and proven strategy system that you can use to quickly Fix, Build and Use your strategy and guide you to think about, develop, and execute your strategy better and more simply.

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    • Image of The CEO’s Playbook
      Image of The CEO’s Playbook

      Turning the Employees You Have into the Dream Team You Always Wanted

      by Nora Ganescu

      In The CEO’s Playbook, Nora Ganescu shows businesses how to become that exciting and innovative workplace that creates one game-changing success after another.

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    • Image of The Brink
      Image of The Brink

      How Great Leadership Is Invented

      by Mark Hunter

      In order to reach the top, author Mark Hunter teaches us to embrace and overcome roadblocks along the way, trust others in collaboration, take ownership, and welcome fear and adversity.

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    • Image of WorkInspired
      Image of WorkInspired

      How to Build an Organization Where Everyone Loves to Work

      by Aron Ain

      WorkInspired takes leaders and managers inside Kronos’s highly admired culture and shares the surprisingly simple rules they can follow to replicate that success.

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