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    • Image of The 4 Disciplines of Execution
      Image of The 4 Disciplines of Execution

      Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals

      by Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, Sean Covey

      The 4 Disciplines of Execution, Revised and Updated, offers a simple, repeatable, and proven formula for executing your most important strategic priorities in the midst of the whirlwind.

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    • Image of Quantum Marketing
      Image of Quantum Marketing

      Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow's Consumers

      by Raja Rajamannar

      Quantum Marketing is for all businesspeople who seek to understand how rapidly marketing is evolving and what some of the smartest people in the discipline are doing to get ready for this dramatic shift.

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    • Image of The Culture Quotient
      Image of The Culture Quotient

      Ten Dimensions of a High-Performance Culture

      by Gregory Besner

      Author Greg Besner, founder of CultureIQ, also provides practical takeaways and tips to help readers implement culture programs at their companies.

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    • Image of The Leadership PIN Code
      Image of The Leadership PIN Code

      Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships

      by Nashater Deu Solheim

      The Leadership PIN Code uses PIN as an acronym for the primary tasks of a leader to persuade, influence, and negotiate with those they lead and the key stakeholders who influence your work.

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    • Image of Shtick to Business
      Image of Shtick to Business

      What the Masters of Comedy Can Teach You About Breaking Rules, Being Fearless, and Building a Serious Career

      by Peter McGraw

      Shtick to Business is an in-depth guide to what comedy can teach us about entrepreneurship, leadership, and success.

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    • Image of Don't Be a Stranger
      Image of Don't Be a Stranger

      Create Your Own Luck in Business through Strategic Relationship Building

      by Lawrence R. Perkins

      In this Don’t Be a Stranger, Lawrence R. Perkins explains how you can succeed in business by creating your own luck through strategic relationship building.

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    • Image of Big Enough
      Image of Big Enough

      Building a Business that Scales with Your Lifestyle

      by Lee LeFever

      In his book Big Enough, author Lee LeFever advises readers to identify exactly how big is big enough when it comes to their businesses.

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    • Image of The 12 Week Year
      Image of The 12 Week Year

      Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months

      by Michael Lennington, Brian P. Moran

      What would happen in your life in particular if every single day you woke up and "performed up to your full potential?"

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    • Image of Making Conversation
      Image of Making Conversation

      Seven Essential Elements of Meaningful Communication

      by Fred Dust

      In Making Conversation: Seven Essential Elements of Meaningful Communication, Fred Dust teaches readers how to overcome the rift, cross the expanse between us, and heal our wounded ability to converse meaningfully.

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