Who's in the Room?

Who's in the Room?

Who's in the Room?

How Great Leaders Structure and Manage the Teams Around Them

by Bob Frisch

At the top of every organization chart lies a myth — that the boss and senior management team make all the critical decisions together. In reality, most decisions are actually made by the boss and an inner circle of confidants — a "team with no name" that exists outside formal processes. This gap between the myth and reality of decision making causes significant problems. In Who's in the Room? Bob Frisch provides a unique perspective to this widely misunderstood issue.

What You'll Learn

In this summary of Who's in the Room?, you will learn:

  • How great leaders can unleash the full power of their senior management teams against a specific set of critical tasks for which they are uniquely suited.
  • How to understand and embrace the way decision-making actually happens in your organization.
  • How to use "teams with no names" to best advantage.
  • How to engage your management team in critical tasks.
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