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What the Customer Wants You to Know

What the Customer Wants You to Know

What the Customer Wants You to Know

How Everybody Needs to Think Differently About Sales

by Ram Charan

More than ever these days, the sales process tends to be a war about price. But there's a better way to think about sales, says best-selling author Ram Charan. Charan defines this new approach to selling as value creation selling (VCS), which he says is radical but nonetheless practical. VCS differentiates you from the competition, paving the way to better pricing, better margins and higher revenue growth built on win-win relationships that deepen over time.

What You'll Learn

In this summary of What the Customer Wants You to Know, you will learn:

  • How to intensely focus on the prosperity of your customers.
  • Why value creation selling entails profound changes in the sales force itself.
  • How to establish multiple contacts between your company and your customer so that functional people know one another and can come together quickly and easily to solve problems or clear roadblocks.
  • If the customer accepts your value proposition, you have to be sure that it is delivered on time and as described, and that it fulfills the promises you made.
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