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What Really Works

What Really Works

What Really Works

The 4+2 Formula for Sustained Business Success

by Bruce Roberson, William Joyce & Nitin Nohria

What really works? Today’s managers realize all too painfully that many, many things matter in achieving business success, but few of them can tell you much more than what worked for them. The authors of What Really Works conducted a 10-year study that turned 50 academics and business consultants loose on dozens of companies, looking for the answer to that elusive mystery — What really works? From that study emerged the 4+2 Theory, which provides the correct combination of primary and secondary management practices that form the crucial practices that achieve lasting business success.

What You'll Learn

  • How to make your strategy clear and focused. Managers must devise and maintain a clearly stated, focused strategy that is clearly communicated, and effectively understood by employees, customers, partners and investors.
  • How to execute your strategy flawlessly. You must be efficient in your planning and perfect in your execution.
  • How to build a performance-based culture. Performance makes the difference - the setting of performance standards and consistent achievement of those standards drive a company in the right direction, consistently.
  • How to make your organization fast and flat. Cut through the layers and silos and create an open, communicative and effective organization.
  • How to make talent stick around and develop more. Going outside the company for talent might occasionally be necessary, but you likely have a star or two in your organization right now, waiting for their chance to shine.
  • How to make industry-transforming innovations. Keep your organization off life support by supporting research and development.
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