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    We Are Smarter Than Me

    We Are Smarter Than Me

    We Are Smarter Than Me

    How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business

    by Barry Libert & Jon Spector

    Many companies have benefited hugely from harnessing collective power. If you are willing to take on the challenge, you have a good chance of being handsomely rewarded. Communities can help companies invent new products and services, improve customer service, boost sales, turbo-charge manufacturing, tap into new sources of financing and make everyone a leader. This summary will show you how.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of We Are Smarter Than Me, you will learn:

    • Ways to make your company more productive, more profitable and a better place for the people who work there.
    • How businesses of all kinds can make the wisdom of crowds work for them.
    • How to tap into the power and talent of the online masses.
    • How companies can profitably and cost-effectively make the most of the knowledge and resources held by communities of like-minded people.
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