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Voice Power

Voice Power

Voice Power

Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention

by Renee Grant-Williams

While everyone has a voice, not every voice is one that gets attention — a personal weakness often overlooked. The concept of “dressing for success” — creating the right appearance — is second nature by now. However, most people are unaware that their voices account for one-third of the total impression they make on others (the other factors are appearance and message). In this summary, Renee Grant-Williams, who has worked with U.S. senators, business executives and sales professionals, as well as numerous pop recording stars, shares her techniques for improving the quality of your voice. Make sure your voice is one that people want to listen to — a voice that commands respect and gets attention.

What You'll Learn

  • Learning to Breathe — Correctly. Paying attention to how you’re breathing is the first step to improving your voice’s impact on others. It’s simple but not always easy.
  • Full Body Support. Proper posture is essential for building a rich healthy voice to project confidence and assurance.
  • Voice Delivery Techniques. Learn how professional singers and actors mold their words for the most impact.
  • Writing and Delivering Your Speech. Gain practical advice for writing, rehearsing and delivering your next speech — whether it’s to one person or to an audience of 100.
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