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Venture Catalyst

Venture Catalyst

Venture Catalyst

The Five Strategies for Explosive Corporate Growth

by Donald Laurie

Laurie writes that only those companies that include ventures as part of their strategies can achieve exceptional and sustainable growth. These ventures are “new business enterprises that entail a certain amount of risk.” In Venture Catalyst, he helps business leaders identify five key strategies for developing the next great business: invent, invest, venture, partner and integrate.

What You'll Learn

  • Inventing New Businesses: Close to 90 percent of Corning's revenues come from products invented within the past five years. You?ll learn the stepby-step process that Corning uses to create these new products.
  • Investing in New Businesses: Investing in new businesses offers a short-cut to new technologies and processes.
  • Building a Venture Division within Your Company: You'll learn how to develop a strategy to use when working with venture capital firms.
  • Creating Partnerships to Build New Businesses: Take your latest technology developments to an experienced "business builder" and you both can win.
  • Acquiring and Integrating New Businesses: Pairing up with another company pursuing similar product developments will create powerful synergies.
  • Case Studies in Venturing. Five case-study companies will illustrate the five venture strategies: invent, invest, venture, partner and integrate. The case studies cover business models, value-added activities and preconditions for success.
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