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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Inside the Mind of the New Consumer

by Michael Silverstein

Through detailed, individual spending portraits of middle class consumers, Silverstein explores the story of how people around the world are reshaping the consumer-goods market by trading down to low-price products and services, trading up to premium ones, and avoiding the boredom and low value that increasingly characterize the middle.

What You'll Learn

  • How companies can obtain a more profound understanding of who middle-market customers really are.
  • How trading up and trading down are battling it out in every category.
  • How companies such as LG, Dollar General and Best Value Inn understand the middle-market consumer mentality.
  • How to target consumers' value calculus.
  • How to avoid the biggest traps in attempting to escape the middle.
  • How to recut market research data to create a model of success.
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