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Think. Do. Say.

Think. Do. Say.

Think. Do. Say.

How to seize attention and build trust in a busy, busy world

by Ron Tite

When every person in every department aligns on what they think, do, and say, and with what the organization thinks, does, and says, you’ll achieve total organizational alignment. This cohesion between purpose, actions, and dialogue is what creates organizational momentum and growth. Growth occurs when your people execute consistent delivery at every possible touchpoint. In this summary, author Ron Tite illustrates these concepts — think, do, and say — with examples from well-known businesses.

In This Summary You'll Learn:

  • To cut through the chaos to meet customer needs.
  • That belief is the foundation of communication and action.
  • What you do reflects belief and makes your message honest.
  • To frame honest and authentic messages for your business.
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