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The Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line

Why Sustainability is Transforming the Best-Run Companies and How It Can Work for You

by Andrew Savitz

Author Andrew Savitz approaches the concept of sustainability in three-part harmony, with a look at how businesses prosper financially while protecting and renewing the social, environmental and economic resources they need. He says they can fail if they do not tend to all three, and his claims are not without merit. With an eye to the Fortune 100 companies leading this movement, The Triple Bottom Line approaches sustainability as a “win-win-win” prospect achievable in any industry.

What You'll Learn

  • How to create an enterprise that is truly sustainable.
  • How to do business in an interdependent world.
  • How sustainability is different and more important than corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropic efforts.
  • How companies can become more profitable by doing the right thing.
  • How to measure the impact of an organization?s activities on the world.
  • How companies are reaching out to their harshest critics and seeking new forms of collaboration, innovation and partnership to improve results with startling success.
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