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The Third Opinion

The Third Opinion

The Third Opinion

How Successful Leaders Use Outside Insight to Create Superior Results

by Saj-Nicole Joni

In recent years, authority has given way to influence. In The Third Opinion, Dr. Saj-nicole A. Joni explores how this raising of the leadership bar has given way to an even greater challenge for leaders — determining to whom they can turn when experienced, trustworthy advice is required. Some leaders might turn to colleagues inside the organization for help; others might call upon a trusted adviser outside the company. There is, however, another opinion for which most people never ask: the third opinion — the unvarnished insight of a loyal and diverse inner circle of advisers, experts and mentors.

What You'll Learn

  • Leadership today requires three new habits: Habit of Mind, Habit of Relationship, and Habit of Focus. Used together, these habits enable you to build a powerful leadership circle and lead with the benefits of outside insight.
  • Leaders must also master three distinct types of thinking: Application Thinking, Expert Thinking, and, most importantly, Exponential Thinking.
  • Leaders must be naturally curious and possess a solid knowledge of their own preferences, styles and foibles in leadership and thinking. This self-knowledge is essential in building an inner circle of advisers, because you must know how you will work with your advisers and be able to accurately guess how well they will work with you.
  • The progression of one's need for an inner circle of advisers is directly related to the progression of one's leadership career. Based on levels of organizational or structural responsibility, three broad distinctions are defined - Early Leadership, Key Leadership, and Senior Leadership.
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