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The Spider's Strategy

The Spider's Strategy

The Spider's Strategy

Creating Networks to Avert Crisis, Create Change, and Really Get Ahead

by Amit Mukherjee

To thrive in a world where networks of companies increasingly compete with other networks, managers can no longer focus solely on excellence in planning and execution. In The Spider’s Strategy, top business consultant Amit S. Mukherjee provides the tools you need to sense and respond to unexpected events. He shows how and why managers in your company must apply his four powerful “Design Principles” today.

What You'll Learn

  • Why becoming “Adaptive” is key to success during the latest epochal transformation.
  • What makes the traditional “plan and execute” model inadequate for modern competition.
  • How to implement the four “Design Principles” to become an “Adaptive Business.”
  • How “sense and respond” capabilities will change everyday processes.
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