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The Science of High-Performance Supplier Management

The Science of High-Performance Supplier Management

The Science of High-Performance Supplier Management

A Systematic Approach to Improving Procurement Costs, Quality, and Relationships

by Randy Moore

Moore presents an in-depth, nuts-and-bolts guide to procurement that will prove invaluable to purchasing managers as well as company executives. Based on practices developed in the procurement of high technology systems, Moore’s framework, called STeP (Systematic Technology for Procurement), is a repeatable, scientific process for purchasing.

What You'll Learn

  • Form, train and charge a procurement team that will lead the procurement process.will see why having a team is superior to traditional deal-making at the highest executive levels.
  • Define your procurement strategy by identifying your objectives and inviting suppliers to be responsible for results rather than be mere suppliers of resources.When suppliers are responsible for results they are more likely to be flexible and responsive to changing needs.
  • Prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) that aligns your objectives, details your requirements, and outlines your contractual requirements. A good RFP invites solutions and puts the focus on your objectives being met.
  • Evaluate, rate, negotiate, select and award a contract that meets your needs. You will see exactly how to rate a proposal and how to keep suppliers focused on meeting your needs throughout the negotiation stage.
  • Manage the contract and reward superior results. Once you decide that performance is what you want from a supplier, you must monitor the contract to be sure it is being delivered.
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