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The Reinventors

The Reinventors

The Reinventors

How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change

by Jason Jennings

For most businesses, success is fleeting. There are only two real choices: stick with the status quo until things inevitably decline, or continuously change to stay vital. But how? Bestselling leadership and management guru Jason Jennings and his researchers screened 22,000 companies around the world that had been cited as great examples of reinvention. They selected the best, verified their success, interviewed their leaders, and learned how they pursue never-ending radical change. The fresh insights they discovered became Jennings's "reinvention rules" for any business.

What You'll Learn

In this summary of The Reinventors, you will learn:

  • What constant change means and how to implement it into your business.
  • What the Reinvention killers are.
  • How small bets can lead to big payoffs.
  • Who the best people are to have on your reinvention team.
  • The benefits of being frugal.
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